Environmental Systems II
April 2015
Instructed by: Ilaria Mazzoleni &
Russell Fortmeyer

Completed with Dennis Huynh,
Graham Jordan & Johan Wijesinghe

Environmental systems for buildings, both active and passive, remain a rather unloved research pursuit within architecture, even some 40 years after the architectural historian and critic Reyner Banham lamented the fact in his book, The Architecture of the Well-tempered Environment.

At times called building science, building physics, architectural engineering, environmental services, or, lately, traveling under the guise of “sustainability,” the consideration of light, air, and sound, and their corollaries of water, energy, and materials, are critical to the creation of architecture that is both sensitive to the contemporary challenges of resource scarcity and climate change, as well as successful in providing humane and comfortable environments for people.

Comic Strip Illustration
In our proposal for the transformation of the library space into a collaborative rest space, we have brought forth unto your begging eyes the New SCI-Arc Bathhouse and Creative Collective (NSBHCC). In this space you will find a balance of recreation facilities that range from Jacuzzi’s, to tanning beds and sauna’s, delicately paired with open reclining spots where students can incite fantastic conversations on architecture and life in general.

The relaxed rejuvenating aspect of the bathhouse facilities will loosen the social constraints so detrimental to conversations surrounding architecture. In the NSBHCC students will freely mix with faculty and staff; the average student might find themselves in conversation with Hernan Dias Alonso over an afternoon soak, or sharing a friendly conversation in the tanning pavilion with Michael Rotundi.

Detailed Plan & Section of Modifications

Light Fixture & Lamp Specifications